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Ghanem Forwarding would like to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend!

Please take note that ALL Ports and Office will be CLOSED on Memorial Day, Monday May 28th.

Date: 05/23/2018

Amports Port Update: As an addition to our South Locus Point Terminal option, please be advised that AMPORTS will be an option for deliveries for our “Courage” voyage 18GO01” starting TOMORROW Wednesday May 23rd.

No Forklift and or H&H cargo accepted at AMPORTS, all Forklift and H&H will be accepted at South Locus Point as normal.

Thank you for understanding and for your continued support, we appreciate your business.

AMPORTS - 2901 Childs St Baltimore MD 21226

Date: 05/22/2018

As you are well aware, Non Running and Forklift is heavily damaged cargo and Sallaum Lines will no longer accept any Claims on any Non Running (Tow) or Forklift Cargo for Damage, Missing Parts and or Keys.


Sallaum Lines will only accept Claims on Running Cargo.


The Terminals have been instructed to utilize this stamp on all Heavy Damaged Non-Running and Forklift cargo. Please advise your customers of such Policy. All future Claims on Non-Running and or Forklift cargo with this stamp on the Doc Receipt at time of delivery will be strictly denied.


We thank you for your understanding.

Date: 05/21/2018

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