Sallaum Lines is excited to announce that our RoRo Terminal in Philadelphia will begin accepting Non-Running vehicles (TOW) into our Terminal on Monday May 7th!
The first vessel loading non-running units in Philadelphia will be the Grand Eagle 18GE01 on May 26th.
Please be advised that the facility does not have the means of taking non-running vehicles off the trucks. The truckers will be responsible to unload these no-running vehicles by themselves.
The Terminal does not have equipment (forklift) to help unload these vehicles from the truck. Please insure that all drivers are aware of this!
NOTE: We are not accepting any Forklift vehicles in Philadelphia at this point.
Date: 05/02/2018

Please be advised the our Baltimore South Locus Point Terminal will be closed tomorrow May 1st, and re-open on Wednesday May 2nd at 1 PM.  We apologize for this last minute notice.

Date: 04/30/2018

Please be advised the our Newark Red Hook Terminal will be closed starting tomorrow May 1st, at 12 NOON and re-open normal business hours on Thursday May 3rd.
The Terminal is going through a major realigning and has a few outside surveyors that has forced us to close.
We apologize for this last minute notice, but this work is required and necessary for us to improve our space capacity at the Newark Red Hook Terminal to ensure we provide you improved service moving forward.
Date: 04/30/2018

Please take note, Newark Terminal will not accept any Forklift cargo starting Tomorrow Wednesday April 25th and will resume all Forklift acceptance on May 10th.


PS: Exceptions will not be granted, so please put plans in place not to book and deliver Forklift cargo until May 10th.

Date: 04/24/2018

Please be advised that Forklift cargo will NOT be accepted at our Jacksonville Terminal as of Wednesday April 25th. We will keep everyone updated on when we are able to accept Forklift cargo at Jacksonville, so please stay tuned.

Due to space and Forklift cargo loading limitations, we MUST STOP all Forklifts deliveries to Jacksonville starting Wednesday April 25th. This means you have Friday, Monday and Tuesday to get your booked forklift cargo delivered, as there will be ZERO exceptions as of Wednesday April 25th.

Date: 04/19/2018

Re: Acceptance of forklift Passenger Vehicles

We are pleased to announce that effective immediately, Höegh Autoliners will resume acceptance of forklift vehicles onboard our vessels.

There are some conditional requirements to ensure safe receipt and handling of this cargo. Forklift units may be accepted with the following conditions:

-Inoperable steering

-Inoperable brakes

-Inoperable transmission

-Moderate damage to the vehicle. Damaged bumper and / or panels with sharp edges must be removed from the vehicle to prevent injury during handling / loading.

-Flood damaged vehicles

In each of these cases, the battery must be removed from the vehicle prior to delivery. All vehicles must be free of any leaking fluids. Vehicles with broken glass can be accepted, but all glass fragments must be completely removed from the vehicle prior to delivery.

Units with extensive damage that are unable to be lashed directly to the wheel for safe loading will not be accepted. Units with flat tires will be accepted provided the wheel is safely intact.

Forklift units will only be accepted on Höegh Autoliners’ vessels and in limited quantities.

The applicable surcharge for forklift handling is USD 300.00 per passenger vehicle up to 28 cbms.

Date: 04/17/2018

Please take note, Newark Terminal will not accept any Lagos Forklift cargo starting Tomorrow Tuesday April 17th and will resume Lagos Forklift acceptance on May 3rd.  Cotonou and Lome Forklift cargo will not be effected.

Date: 04/16/2018

"Please note the first vessel call in Wilmington is now changed. Because of large market demand and in order to cover our full range of discharge ports we have switched the first vessel in Wilmington. The first vessel will be the Grande Congo on May 4.

The Parana will be adding a call in Providence on April 20. Because market demand is very strong in the New England market we are now going to call Providence twice a month in order to ensure cargo is loaded quickly.


Please be advised all non-Cotonou and non-Lagos cargo in Baltimore and Bayonne will be given priority on the Grande vessels."


Date: 04/05/2018

As of Wednesday, April 4th, Sallaum Lines will no longer accept cargo at the Galveston Ports of America Terminal. All cargo booked for Galveston will need to be canceled and re-booked for Freeport and or Jacksonville.

Please get all your Galveston Terminal delivered cargo cleared by our next scheduled Safety Voyage, May 1st. All other cargo that is CBP rejected and or delivered without title, needs to be removed from the Terminal.

***You all have nearly 1 month to get all your delivered cargo cleared for export by May 1st. If any cargo that is not cleared by May 1st, please put plans in place to remove your cargo from the Terminal and or work with Ports America to transfer your booking to another carrier.

Date: 04/03/2018

We write this notice for ALL shippers, as we have seen an increase in US Customs Rejections across the all ports.  We want to help all customers avoid unnecessary fees by providing this information up front, and options at time of booking before delivery to the port.  The US Customs Rejection fee is $50 per rejection, for any rejection reason, please avoid this.

Vehicles delivered to the port with no title and/or rejected due to improper assignment: missing buyer’s/seller’s ADDRESSES and signatures, the owner on the title does not match the shipper on dock receipt and/or any other customs issue will receive $50 Rejection fees AND are Subject to Terminal/Port Storage at $5 daily from date of delivery till customs cleared date.

Titles must be Assigned and/or Re-Assigned properly to clear US Customs.  They will automatically be rejected if there is an improper reassignment including any of these reasons: title missing signatures, missing addresses or buyer/seller names. *Also, we ALWAYS need EIN (tax id code) for any entity on the title listed as lastUSA purchaser.

Titles missing any signatures are automatically rejected and returned to Ghanem for correction. When we can, we can arrange a Notary to fix the problem. As of April 1, the Notary Fee is $50 per rejection in addition to the rejection fee.

Usually when you purchase a vehicle from an auction such as Copart, and IAA, they usually do NOT re-assign the title properly for export(leaving buyer’s address and signature sections blank).  Please expect rejections if you do not check if the title was assigned correctly. 

We are here to help all customers avoid these fees, and you can, by sending images of the front/back copy of the title at time of booking to ensure the most accuracy possible.  We want to help more customers avoid these fees but can only work with the information you give us at time of booking. Please read this carefully and ask us any questions to help.

Date: 03/30/2018

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