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ACL/Grimaldi WAF Direct Service - CTN Ghana Update

Please be informed that The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has announced with short notice the implementation of a Cargo Tracking Note system starting from 1st July (Sailing date). However we understand the Authorities may allow also a grace period until 31st August allowing the loading of cargo without a CTN. However shippers are advised to make their own checks as required prior booking of cargo without a CTN in this period. 
Obtaining the CTN number is the shipper's responsibility and must be obtained for all shipments to Ghana. We are advised this includes in transit cargo. The CTN should be communicated through the shipping instructions and must be mentioned on the manifest and bill of lading. 
We understand that from 1st September full compliance with the Cargo Tracking Note regulation will be required and we recommend that shippers familiarise themselves with the CTN System as soon as possible. 
Shippers should register on to comply with this new requirement or visit the GRA website for further information   

Date: 01/06/2018

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