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Newark, NJ - Sallaum Line - Port Update

Please be advised the our Newark Red Hook Terminal will continue to be CLOSED today for more operational construction to create more future space for Sallaum cargo, and re-open normal business hours on Friday May 4th.  The Terminal is going through a major realigning and has a few outside surveyors that has forced us to continue the Terminal closure until Friday, and potentially including Friday. Please stay tuned for an updates.  Please attempt to hold on to your deliveries until Newark opens back up shortly, and or, deliver your cargo to Baltimore, Philadelphia (Accepting Non-Runners as of Monday May 7th) or Boston.


We apologize for this last minute notice, but this work is required and necessary for us to improve our space capacity at the Newark Red Hook Terminal to ensure we provide you improved service moving forward.  In addition, we have added additional tonnage to support Newark and Baltimore with much improved frequency, more to come on our Voyage Schedule Update. Stay tuned.

Date: 03/05/2018

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