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Sallaum Forklift Handling Rate Increase Announcement

Greetings and thank you for your business.  Due to the increased port operational costs for handling Forklift shipments, Sallaum Lines are announcing that effective July 8th, all Forklift deliveries will have a $100 Forklift Rate increase.  Please note any vehicle delivered on or after 7/8/2018 will be charged $500 Forklift fees.


Over the past 6 months we faced Forklift operational cost increases that include, but are not limited to POL Terminal Receiving, POL Loading and POD Discharging.


Therefore, please take note that effective July 8th, any delivery of a Forklift POV will be charged the increased rate.  Please avoid purchasing damaged units that will incur these fees.  We strongly recommend avoiding cars with any broken glass and/or car parts that are rubbing tires to avoid these fees.

Date: 08/06/2018

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