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Sallaum Line - All Ports Update

Due to water damage claims for mold, damage to the inside of the car due to rain water etc…. We have updated our receiving policy as follows:

Please be advised effective immediately, we can no longer accept units with damaged glass. Please see the below outlining the changes:

  • Vehicles that are open to the weather are not to be accepted period. (NOT EVEN AS NON-RUNNERS/FORKLIFTS)
  • This is specifically addressing window damage.

Make sure that broken windows and or Sun/Moon Roofs are covered prior to delivery. Any broken windows, windshields and or sun/moon roofs, the vehicle will be rejected and not received.

Please make sure you do the following prior to delivering your cargo;

  • Have the vehicle delivered with all damaged windows taped/sealed with glass/shipping tape to prevent weather damage to the interior of the vehicle.

We expect all deliveries to be compliant starting immediately. 

Date: 15/05/2018

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