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We are excited that July is finally here and our great tonnage plan is in full force.  Our Morning Cara voyage is loading for the second day in Baltimore and will be calling Newark on Thursday/Friday and then Boston over the weekend.  South Locus Point in Baltimore is OPEN today, Newark will OPEN on Thursday and both will be accepting all types of cargo including Non-Runners and Forklifts.


We have 4 calls planned in the month of July and will increase our tonnage for the 2nd half of 2018 to make sure that all cleared cargo loads and ALL Terminals do not face any space capacity issues and or closures.  Please deliver all booked cargo prior to the cutoff date to ensure customs clearance prior to loading date and take advantage of our much improved tonnage lineup. Again, 4 calls in the month of July and more to come to support all your WAF RoRo shipping needs.  Thank you for being patient with us, but we believe we are in great shape with great plans moving forward. With our plans in place, no more closures and or rolled cargo for the 2nd half of 2018.


 NOTE: We are loading Newark on Thursday and Friday this week, and the Terminal will OPEN normal business hours for receiving on Thursday. Please put into consideration that there will be lots of pressure and longer than expected lines in Newark due to its closure these past few days and if possible, do not push all the cargo to the Terminal all at once. Let’s do our best to plan our delivers over the next few days while the Newark Terminal gets back to normal daily deliveries.

Date: 03/07/2018

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