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US Customs RORO Rejection Notice

We write this notice for ALL shippers, as we have seen an increase in US Customs Rejections across the all ports.  We want to help all customers avoid unnecessary fees by providing this information up front, and options at time of booking before delivery to the port.  The US Customs Rejection fee is $50 per rejection, for any rejection reason, please avoid this.

Vehicles delivered to the port with no title and/or rejected due to improper assignment: missing buyer’s/seller’s ADDRESSES and signatures, the owner on the title does not match the shipper on dock receipt and/or any other customs issue will receive $50 Rejection fees AND are Subject to Terminal/Port Storage at $5 daily from date of delivery till customs cleared date.

Titles must be Assigned and/or Re-Assigned properly to clear US Customs.  They will automatically be rejected if there is an improper reassignment including any of these reasons: title missing signatures, missing addresses or buyer/seller names. *Also, we ALWAYS need EIN (tax id code) for any entity on the title listed as lastUSA purchaser.

Titles missing any signatures are automatically rejected and returned to Ghanem for correction. When we can, we can arrange a Notary to fix the problem. As of April 1, the Notary Fee is $50 per rejection in addition to the rejection fee.

Usually when you purchase a vehicle from an auction such as Copart, and IAA, they usually do NOT re-assign the title properly for export(leaving buyer’s address and signature sections blank).  Please expect rejections if you do not check if the title was assigned correctly. 

We are here to help all customers avoid these fees, and you can, by sending images of the front/back copy of the title at time of booking to ensure the most accuracy possible.  We want to help more customers avoid these fees but can only work with the information you give us at time of booking. Please read this carefully and ask us any questions to help.

Date: 30/03/2018

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